Sunday, October 23, 2005

It weeps, it tears, its broken into parts,
yes it hurts, it is my heart,

When your life says , you are not mine,
what can one do, if not dying,
you can't carry me again, it will be in vain
you can't make myself mine again,
it weeps,it hurts.........

your eyes, your face is away from me,
but my silence will say for me,
just help me in this part of game,
i want you more than the garden needs the rain
it weeps,it hurts.........

1 comment:

abhinav bhagat said...

oye kaka ki ho gaya teenu ........
come one yaar bahaut senti ho gaya
oye the ebst way of coping up with darde dil is taht use apne paas rakho hi nahi kissi ko de do .aur agar koi lauta de to nvr mind kisi doosri yaan teesri ko de do...

abhinav bhagat