Sunday, October 15, 2006

Out of Sync

I feel 'out of sync' with the whole universe,
Its' not that everything has been adverse,
I just can't cope with all the contradictions in it,
I can't even complete this damn verse,

Times have been good, easy and gay,
I am waiting now, for a hope-pregnant ray,
I tried to come 'in sync', but all in vain,
No one wants me to come out of this curse,

Life without emotions would have easy,
I would have been god,
Am I talking non-sense,
Or do I demand a second thought
These thoughts criss-cross my mind all the time,
But my reply to this problem has never been terse

I feel 'out of sync' with the whole universe,
I feel 'out of sync' with the whole universe

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tears and Fears

This poem is initially written by one of my elite friends, named Mrityunjay Kumar alias Jay
I found it close to my heart. So presenting it after minor changes

I have been in tears, since years
I tied myself to the ‘Cross’, I have been in fears
Can anybody tell me if I am dreaming
I have been in pain , I have been screaming…

I have been tied to relationships,
I was hanged to many a emotion.
I didn’t stop myself , I went on moving
I always have been in motion….

Tears have been my fate ,darkness my destiny
When I was low, I struggled for the light
But now, I ignore the sun
I pray for the night…

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kuchh She'r (Some small poems)
From today onwards, I will translate into english also, if the poem is in Hindi or Punjabi.

Chand ko bi gunahaun ka razdaan kar diya
(I have let the moon to hear my sins)
Shayad maine ik aur gunah kar diya
(May be that too amount to a sin)
Raukta tha vaiz roz mujh, nasha-khaur ko masjid mein jaane se,
(The saint always stopped me, the drug-addict , from entering the holy place)
Aj main be-nasha tha,aj vaiz ne bulaya mujhe,aj mana maine kar diya
(Today I was not on drugs, the saint asked me to come, but I refused)

Aab-e-hayat to tune munh lagaya,woh sharab ho gaya
(U sipped the holy water, and it became wine)
Jaadu-e-husan tera aaj benakab ho gaya,
(The magic of your beauty today got unveiled)
Mujhko samjhata tha vaiz ke ghulam-e-husn hona theek nahi
(The saint always preached me, not be be a slave of beauty)
Tujhko dekha to woh bi lajawaab ho gaya
(On seeing you, even he was speechless )
Will You Cry

Would you cry, feeling my scent
Would you cry, understanding what I meant
Would you cry, if you go up there
Would you cry in the bed we share
Would you cry, if you feel me in the air
Would you cry, when you are naked and bare
Would you cry, if I come in your dream
Would you cry or utter a scream,
I know you won't ever cry,
So from my side, baby, its' good-bye

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tasveer Teri
Kambtde Hathan taun mere, tut gayi tasveer teri,
Mere apne hi hathaun, lut gayi jageer meri,
Kambtde Hathan taun mere, tut gayi tasveer teri

Tere vaapis partan di har tasalli chuthhi si,
Tere vaade san ret, meri beshak band muthhi si,
Supne 'ch hi kade paja, ghar mere ik vaar feri,
Kambtde Hathan taun mere, tut gayi tasveer teri

Rokdiyan-rokdiyan vi kadam, maykhane mud jande ne,
Yaad teri lehendi nahi, jaam thur jaande ne,
Besabab hi kitte muk javan, chale koi aise haneri,
Kambtde Hathan taun mere, tut gayi tasveer teri

Badshagna di mujhi manji, koi vehre mere sut gaya,
Aya si uh supne 'ch, chandra supna vi tut gaya,
Khud ud gayon laike udan-patola, mainu paa gayon ghuman-gheri
Kambtde Hathan taun mere, tut gayi tasveer teri
Kambtde Hathan taun mere, tut gayi tasveer teri...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dhola kyon Rusna

This song is sung by Harbhajan Mann..written byBabu Singh Mann. If anyone among you know the third antra, do write back in comment. I can remember only two antras

Bas do din zindagi hor
Dhola kyon Rusna
Ve main mintaan karan hath jod
Dhola kyon Rusna

Bazaar vakendi loyi,
Saanu tain varga na koyi,
Zind jaan sajjan teri hoyi
Dhola kyon Rusna

Bazaar vakende koke
Ki khatya sajan ik hoke,
Ve tu rus ke guzari asan roke
Dhola kyon Rusna
Kuchh naye she'r aur kavitayein

Last some nighs, I have slept of my floor
Many other nights, I have wept of my door
Waiting for you, waiting for your presense,
I have started decaying, I will remain no more
Last some nighs, I have slept of my floor
Many other nights...

If you ask for love, hate and despair,
I have had more than my share,
I want now my life to be a low key affair,
I want now my life to be a low key affair

Now in Hindi/Urdu

Khud se bi kuchh itna chhupaya maine,
Khud se khud ko thaga huya sa paya maine,
Khud ko mujrim, khud ko kazi,khud ko hi vakeel
Aur khud koi hi sajayafta paya maine

Ab tanhayi ka alam yeh ho chala hai,
Mayiat(Maut) pe meri bu bas main hi shareek hoon,
Dafnane ko aya tha koyi, maulavi sa tha,
Kehkar use yeh vapis bhej diya maine,
Ki akela hi theek hoon, ki akela hi theek hoon

Peene ki 'gar main wajah dhoondoon,
Tau shara'b ka meri maza jayega
Tu bina wajah hi pilaye ja saaki,
Tera peelane mein kya jayega