Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tears and Fears

This poem is initially written by one of my elite friends, named Mrityunjay Kumar alias Jay
I found it close to my heart. So presenting it after minor changes

I have been in tears, since years
I tied myself to the ‘Cross’, I have been in fears
Can anybody tell me if I am dreaming
I have been in pain , I have been screaming…

I have been tied to relationships,
I was hanged to many a emotion.
I didn’t stop myself , I went on moving
I always have been in motion….

Tears have been my fate ,darkness my destiny
When I was low, I struggled for the light
But now, I ignore the sun
I pray for the night…


Danielle said...

This poem strikes me as sad and yet the reality is that we have all felt this way. Thank you for translating for us.

How do we know said...

i just finished reading up on everything that was missed in the interim... loved the Punjabi one best.. mere hathaan...