Sunday, October 15, 2006

Out of Sync

I feel 'out of sync' with the whole universe,
Its' not that everything has been adverse,
I just can't cope with all the contradictions in it,
I can't even complete this damn verse,

Times have been good, easy and gay,
I am waiting now, for a hope-pregnant ray,
I tried to come 'in sync', but all in vain,
No one wants me to come out of this curse,

Life without emotions would have easy,
I would have been god,
Am I talking non-sense,
Or do I demand a second thought
These thoughts criss-cross my mind all the time,
But my reply to this problem has never been terse

I feel 'out of sync' with the whole universe,
I feel 'out of sync' with the whole universe


whig said...

Nicely written, Varun.

Everyone is out of sync right now, and that's what we're trying to fix now. Kind of important what with the madness that is submerging the world in darkness.

The objective should not be to overwhelm the dark, but balance it with an equal amount of light. To restore symmetry.

Every spiritual action has an equal and opposite too, and we are putting peace up against war.

I am not a poet of verse, but I hope my thoughts are of some loving quality.

Thanks for visiting cannablog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Varun,
nice blog...
just a quick question that came to my mind..The feelings captured in your blog are just a nice collection of poems or these are your personal mind traits?
while reading your blog, i fealt as if someone has just captured here all the meanderings that are within me...i am a bit surprised.

VarunMayan said...

Whosoever 'anonymous' you are, it would have been better, if you have left your email ID.
All these poems are just part of me. Call it extension of my humble self..and as you put it, my personal traits least, its good that some else is also out of sync..That implies, we two can be in sync

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! well said...but don't u think infinite + infinite is still infintie...but yes -ves do cancel each other...
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वरुन जी यहां देखिये

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