Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is love a disease??

You surely have got some healing powers,
but what is this disease,
You have healed my loneliness,
But after that, I have never been at ease,

You have shown me colors of life,
but your aura has made me colorblind,
You may have healed my amnesia,
But after that, only your memories criss-cross my mind,

Ok, I have cut down on calories,
But ain't you a bit, too sweet,
You seem that much hot to handle,
That you always give me cold feet


How do we know said...

Tujhse milna khushi ki baat sahi,
Tujhse mil kar udaas rehta hoon.. :-)

Danielle said...

I found your blog via the main Blogger page. Your words are very tender-hearted and kind. I will keep reading.